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International Construction Center for Engineering - ICON

Road design

The road design projects completed in Icon in two ways: Desert road UAE

  1. Road design as a component within raw land planning projects
  2. Government and municipal roads design independently



The roads engineer in Icon design and adoption of these methods taking into account the following:


lifting road axes

Cadastral landing (natural ground) on the computer

Horizontal projections for roads (main – Sub – service)

Propose cross-sections for roads

That the quantities of excavation and backfill least we can with the

logical into account in the design

Action plan for the disposal of surface flooding of the scheme to areas and main streets (traps rainwater)

BOQ own ways (normal m3 excavation, landfills m 3, etc.) in addition to the technical specifications

Details schemes and roads sectors and coordinates

Panel shows the detailed outline of the types of positions

Determine the design of parking lots style

Panel of the scheme shows the detailed paintings indicative of the passage and quantities

Panel shows the detailed scheme of parking spaces

Panel roads and pathways network indicating the road sections and its design requirements

For the projects that have been the ways in which design can Page urban planning projects visit For the road network where clicking here