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Planning cities

Is the first and basic step in the launch of the project correctly and accurately, and this perspective has made a mockery of our capabilities to support this important phase of the work crew through expert and highly efficient in the field of cadastral and topographic works (contouring)

And Altptir which depends on the currency:terrestrial-laser-scanning-surveyor

Fulfillment of the review and coordination of the receipt and delivery to determine the location of the land on the nature of the instruments, according to Muslim territory.
Cadastral works based on Ruperat supported by the municipality, and attributed to the network coordinates Kingdom.
Do cadastral pillars of external borders work (neighboring), and are linked with the road network of the city and surrounding areas and to clarify its coordinates, it is committed in the absence of information points near the coordinates of the site you’re not withdraw points.
Cadastral topographic formations work by nature, and to clarify the topography of the site to be filed, and objected to the location of natural or artificial barriers of the valleys, the mountains, the list of buildings, roads etc .., that lifting topographic 15-20 m be in the event that the earth is flat or 5-10 m in the event of heights or depressions resulting in raising the perception it can be true for planning.
Are working with the latest electronic devices cadastral Total Station is inferred constants points with GPS.
Plans are drawn automatically by Alatokad programs.
Submit a report explaining the land surveyors for which all business and formats that has.
General site contains a site for the kingdom, the site for the city, adjacent to the site for.
Borders and corners of the site attributed to the latitude and longitude.
Contour map (topographic).
Alruperat cadastral point locations (Bench mark) – and the coordinates of cadastral points on which the cadastral within the industrial city (constants ground – Control Points) and the sources of these points.
The development and installation of concrete Petrat coordinates system in the corners and along the outer perimeter.
IGAD is the first point with coordinates (GPS) cadastral purposes and the other points to be attributed to this point, so that it is monitoring (Y, X) and GPS devices (Z) with (LEVEL) and attributed all the points either topographic or border points.
It is to provide a sample for amputation Aaamadha before starting work Altptir border and Staff.
For the cadastral work that has been done by clicking here List